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About CryptoBuddy...

''you should be the only person in control of your own investment''

CryptoBuddy was an idea that I had since the year 2018...

I have a passion for helping people, I want everyone to succeed!

I started doing a lot of research on Cryptocurrencies since 2016, when the well know 2017 Bull-Run came, I got even more excited...

I started making it my mission to spend a hour or more daily, watching markets, reading news updates and finding the best possible way for South-Africans to invest in Cryptocurrencies safely.

I am here to help my fellow South-Africans understand the broader spectrum of CryptoCurrency.

What is it? How does it work? Where to begin? When to trade?

I can teach you all of the above!

Get in touch and let's invest safely...

- Ocean Wilma

Meet The Team & Partners

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